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When you’re ready to open your heart to a child through adoption, ‘the wait’ can seem like forever. You want a South Carolina adoption attorney with the experience and compassion to guide you through this rewarding, yet complicated, journey. Fender Law firm takes great pride and pleasure in helping to bring Lowcountry families together.


A Family Adoption Legacy Continues

A family first practice, Fender Law Firm has a proud history of serving the Beaufort community for three generations. Their passion for adoption cases began with attorney Addison Fender’s mother Jane Fender, a well respected South Carolina family court judge. She has tried some challenging cases during her 20 years on the bench but adoption days always brought her joy.

“Adoption days were so special for Mom. Once an adoption was finalized, she would come down off the bench and give the child a gold Sacagawea dollar coin to commemorate their new beginning. Now retired, she still has the photos with each family proudly displayed. We honor her legacy here at Fender each time we celebrate a new adoption.” Addison Fender, Fender Law Firm founder and attorney


Families make the decision to adopt for many reasons.

— We can’t have children of our own.

— I want to adopt my stepchild.

— Our niece is in a dangerous living situation.

Get the legal representation you need to complete your family.

Beaufort Families Trust Fender Law Firm for Adoption Services

The best interests of the child are paramount when the court decides to proceed through the adoption process. In South Carolina, there are certain steps to take and requirements to meet. Whether your adoption case is contested or uncontested, you’ll need legal representation.


Qualifying to adopt a child in South Carolina

If you are stable and can provide a child with the love and support he or she needs, you may qualify to become an adoptive parent. You must show a financial and physical capacity to care for the child and most importantly, be prepared to show a lifetime's worth of love, affection and support towards the child. Home studies, personal exams and background checks are often required to help create the best match between parents and child.


The impact of marital status, sexual orientation and/or income on adoption.

You don’t have to be married, wealthy, a stay-at-home parent or heterosexual to qualify as an adoptive parent. The court takes a number of factors into consideration when assessing your eligibility to adopt a child. The most important criteria is your ability to provide a loving, secure forever home for a child in need. And our job is to advocate for you.


Applying for stepparent adoption in South Carolina

Every year, many amazing parents ‘step up’ to adopt their stepchildren. Establishing legal parental rights, stepparent adoption enhances your relationship and protects your family in the event of the biological parent’s death. In order to complete the adoption, the child’s noncustodial parent’s rights need to be terminated. We can guide you through the process.


Family member adoption in South Carolina

In situations where parents are no longer able to care for their children due to physical or mental illness, concerned family members are often the first to intervene. If you’re a grandparent, aunt, uncle or even an older sibling wanting to provide a permanent, loving and safe home for your relative, we can help you seek full parental rights through adoption.


Proudly serving the Beaufort community for three generations

We bring over 25 years of experience to your case and will work patiently and tirelessly to bring you peace of mind.

Our roots run deep and date back to the Dowling & Dowling firm founded in 1941. Attorney Addison Fender continued his family's legacy in 2010 when he and his wife Tracy, one of the county's most experienced paralegals, opened Fender Law Firm. Guided by the practice's long standing values of compassion, honesty and fairness, our highly skilled team offers family legal services in the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit, including Beaufort County, Jasper County, Colleton County, Hampton County, and Allendale County. Beaufort, Blufton, Hilton Head and surrounding areas.

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