Many people believe that the decision to end their marriage will be the most difficult part of the process. However, they have a legal process ahead of them, and many aspects of your situation can complicate matters, resulting in a longer and more stressful – as well as costlier – divorce case than you might imagine. The following are only some factors that commonly make a divorce more complex.


There is no doubt that having children with your spouse can complicate your divorce process. First, it adds child custody and child support to the list of issues you must resolve, and these can be contentious issues. Parents generally want to ensure they will stay closely involved in their child’s life, and they can disagree when it comes to schedules, decision-making authority, and more. Also, child support determinations will impact the financial lives of both parents, so they should be carefully reviewed by your attorney.

High Assets

Property and asset division is a necessary part of any divorce case, and it can be significantly more challenging if you and your spouse have significant wealth. Often, this might lead to the division of:

  • Complex investment portfolios
  • Retirement accounts
  • Multiple properties
  • Business interests

This often requires consultations with financial experts, appraisers, and other professionals.

Spousal Support Requests

In many cases, one spouse is able to support themselves following a divorce and the other – for many different reasons – might not be. If one spouse needs and requests spousal support, it adds another contentious layer to the matter.

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