Failure to pay child support is no joke. In fact, not paying child support will result in imminent negative repercussions. The State of South Carolina has several enforcement powers to collect child support including, but not limited to, tax liens, property liens, wage garnishments, passport denials, and suspension of licenses.

One essential license that can be suspended is your driver’s license. Once the South Carolina Child Support Services Division (CSSD) locates a non-custodial parent with an arrearage of at least $500 and no child support payments made within 60 days, a driver’s license may be subject to suspension or revocation after a 45-day notice period. After suspension or revocation, the individual cannot have their license reinstated until an agreement has been made with the CSSD to pay the arrearage. Working with and negotiating a deal on the arrearage amount is where an attorney comes into play.

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As soon as you get notice of an action by the CSSD, you need to contact an attorney to discuss the options available to avoid license suspension or revocation. Our attorneys can assist you in working out an agreement to deal with back child support and help you take the steps necessary to get your driver’s license back. Call 843.379.4888 or contact us online today.

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