After you agree to a custody arrangement, the next step is ensuring that the arrangement is properly enforced. This can be more challenging during certain times of the year when schedules are not as routine as during the school year. One time when custody issues might arise is during the winter holidays.

Sharing Holiday Time

It is only natural that each parent wants to spend holidays with their children. However, if you are sharing custody and the parents do not want to spend the holiday together, it is necessary to determine which parent has time with the child and when. It is easy for disputes to arise regarding holiday scheduling, and it is important to know how to resolve the matter.

First, your custody order should contain a parenting plan with a detailed custody schedule. This plan should include an adapted schedule for the holidays, and you should follow this plan if a conflict arises. If the other parent refuses to abide by the agreement, you should discuss enforcement options with a custody lawyer in Beaufort.

Vacations with Your Children

Many people want to travel with their children to see family and friends for the winter holiday break. However, travel is not that simple when you share custody. Many parenting plans require consent from the other parent to leave the state with the child. For international travel, the requirements can be even more stringent. If the other parent refuses to consent, you might need to request permission from the court.

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