Common Complications in a Divorce Case

Many people believe that the decision to end their marriage will be the most difficult part of the process. However, they have a legal process ahead of them, and many aspects of your situation can complicate matters, resulting in a longer and more stressful – as well as costlier – divorce case than you might imagine.


Distributing Personal Property in Your Divorce

Property division is a major aspect of any divorce case. South Carolina requires that marital property be divided in an equitable manner, which means the division must be fair under the circumstances.


Driver’s License Suspension for Failure to Pay Child Support

Failure to pay child support is no joke. In fact, not paying child support will result in imminent negative repercussions. The State of South Carolina has several enforcement powers to collect child support including, but not limited to, tax liens, property liens, wage garnishments, passport denials, and suspension of licenses.


How Do You Divide a Business in a Divorce?

Many married couples in the Beaufort area are living the American dream – they own their own business together and reap the benefits. However, what happens if married business owners then decide to get divorced?


The Potential Benefits of Divorce Mediation

The legal process of going through a divorce is difficult. In addition to being stressful and expensive, a Beaufort divorce lawyer can explain how the process of obtaining a divorce – like all litigation – is inherently unpredictable. Before starting down this path, it would be wise to consider mediation as an alternative.


Do You Need to Talk to a Lawyer if You are Getting Separated?

Married spouses decide to separate for several different reasons. You may know you want a divorce, and decide it is time to begin living apart, which you must do for one year prior to a divorce in South Carolina. You may also just want to take some space and time to determine whether the marriage can work in the future.


How a Prenuptial Agreement Affects a Divorce

Many engaged couples may think that a prenuptial agreement is unromantic, while other couples may see it as a necessary step before they get married. A prenuptial agreement can help to protect your financial interests, as well as protect your children from a previous relationship, and it can even help to prevent infidelity, substance abuse, and other misconduct.


Dividing Debts in a Divorce

In a divorce, many people focus on how they will divide their property, assets, and possessions. However, equally as important is how you will divide your debts.


Custody Concerns When Planning for Summer Break

With baseball season starting and the official beginning of spring on March 20th, many parents are beginning to make plans for the summer. Whether you are enrolling your kids in day camp or sleep away camp or making family travel plans, you will have additional concerns and considerations if you share custody of your children.


Will Your Divorce Case Go to Trial?

Many people on the brink of a divorce case have an image in their head of how the process may go. Too often, this image involves them and their spouse fighting in court, airing personal details in front of a judge. This image can be enough to make some people rethink divorce entirely.

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