There are several reasons that a person may want to legally change his or her name. While this process is fairly straightforward, the court will ultimately take into account the reasoning behind the requested name change. To ensure that you are in compliance with South Carolina state laws, it is important to work with an attorney who has experience with name changes and the different situations which are applicable to them.

What are the Most Common Reasons for Name Changes?

The most common reasons people request a name change is following a marriage, divorce, or for personal reasons such as a gender change. For people who wish to change their name for personal reasons, they will have to file a petition with the court. They may also attend a hearing in which they present their case for why they wish to legally change their name.

Are There Restrictions on Name Changes?

There are several instances where a name change will not be permitted including:

  • Changing your name to avoid creditors or arrest warrants
  • Changing your name to a famous person’s name with the intent to mislead
  • Attempting to change your name to something confusing, such as a name that contains numbers or symbols
  • Changing your name to one that is obscene or racist

Depending on your situation, the legal process to change your name is a simple one, but it is important to remember that once your name change request is approved by the court, you will need to change your name on all important legal documents and accounts such as your:

  • Social security card
  • Driver’s license
  • Bank accounts including all credits cards
  • Insurance policies
  • Employment paperwork
  • Leases or mortgages

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