With baseball season starting and the official beginning of spring on March 20th, many parents are beginning to make plans for the summer. Whether you are enrolling your kids in day camp or sleep away camp or making family travel plans, you will have additional concerns and considerations if you share custody of your children.

Your first step should be to consult your parenting plan and custody order. These documents should address how you will need to split time with your child’s other parent during the summer. Some parents maintain the same schedule year-round, while others divide parenting time differently when the kids are out of school. If your parenting plan dictates how your will split time, you should adhere to that arrangement when making summer plans.

If you plan to travel with your children, you may have to take certain steps first. Generally speaking, in-state travel is fine as long as it fits into your parenting schedule. If you want to travel out of state, your parenting plan may require you to first clear the travel with the other parent. You should definitely get consent from the other parent if you want to leave the country with your child. Failure to do so can result in serious and unintended consequences.

While making fun summer plans can be a little more complex when you share custody, it doesn’t have to be difficult if you have a strong parenting plan in place and a cooperative co-parenting relationship. If the other parent is refusing to agree to your plans, you may petition the court to modify your custody order or to allow international travel.

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