When it comes to divorce and custody cases there is a lot of high stress situations that may cause one or both parents to act in violent or malicious ways. While there is no medical disorder called Malicious Parent Syndrome it was coined this name by Ira Turkat, a Florida psychologist. When this syndrome occurs one parent may go as far as harming their children to prove that their co-parent is a bad guardian. Fender Law Firm in Beaufort is aware that many custody battles can put a lot of strain on families and we are here to make sure both parties act in ways that are best for the children involved. We want to inform those dealing in high stress custody battles about the possible characteristics of Malicious Parent Syndrome.

Symptoms can include, but are not limited to:

  • Alienation of children from one parent and even involving the court or others to separate the child and other parent
  • Denies communication or visitation with the children for the other parent
  • Lies to their children and others, and may violate the law
  • Doesn’t suffer from any other mental disorder

The psychological consequences on the children that can stem from Malicious Parent Syndrome can be very serious. Sometimes if an ex-spouse is enduring many acts of malice it can in turn make them want to dissociate from their child’s life, and when a parent successfully manipulates a child, they may not want to see or spend time with the other parent. When a parent is experiencing Malicious Parent Syndrome they can be charged with abuse, both of an ex-spouse as well as the children involved.

If you think you have been a victim of the actions of a malicious parent, the Fender Law Firm is here to help you gain the safety and justice you and your children deserve. Reach out today, and don’t wait for things to get worse.

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